Bujeti receives $2 Million seed funding

Bujeti, a Nigerian financial management startup has secured $2 million in seed funding. 

YC led the funding round. Backers that participated included Alan Rutledge, Tristan Walker, Heirloom VC, Abdul “Tomiwa” Hassan, EntrĂ©e Capital, Voltron Capital, UnpopularVC, Kima Ventures, and Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi.

Bujeti is a financial management platform that  brings a uniform solution to reduce spending, automate payments, and digitize financial workflows.

It is a complete suite of finance tools designed to enhance  productivity, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

Their services also include

  •  financial management, from corporate banking
  •  expense control,
  •  accounting, 
  • budgeting
  •  corporate cards, and 
  • reimbursements.

Speaking about the company, Cossi Achille, founder and CEO of Bujeti said; “Our differentiation lies in providing unparalleled control and granularity in financial operations, allowing businesses to digitize their complex payment and finance processes effortlessly. Bujeti stands as a digital ally, empowering workplaces and fostering trust among teams.” 

The company has said it will use the  funding to fulfill some desired goals.

These include the company’s accelerating expansion, increasing market share, and expanding product offerings.

With this, the business will put its energy into creating new products that cater to the demands of enterprises.

Establishing loan lines for small and medium-sized businesses is also on the list.

Cossi Achille Arouko , a 3-time founder in Fintech and AI, founded  Bujeti in 2021, with Samy Paul Chiba.

The startup was incorporated in 2022, on the 15th of February.

The startup has brought a change to  corporate finance management for businesses of all sizes.

Highlighting the much progress made, the company said, “In the last eight weeks, we’ve onboarded close to a thousand businesses of all sizes, including SMBs and well-known startups.”

The management platform added that this is a reflection of “the trust and recognition of our platform’s efficacy.“

Aiming for more, the company’s “ imminent goal is to reach NGN 200 million in transaction processing”,  as they anticipate a growing demand.

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